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Gluten free Barcelona

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Welcome to Gula Sana, a gluten-free cafe located in Barcelona that was born with the vocation that everyone enjoy, free of “discriminations” for allergies or intolerances. Here you will find foods and products made with love, quality and very specialized that allows us to include all types of diets, from the easiest to the complex ones. We do not work with any variety of raw material that contains gluten, so if you are a celiac you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination at all.

Come to visit us and discover the variety of gluten-free delights with the flavor, smell and texture of our sweet and salty foods for celiacs for breakfast, lunch or snack: gluten-free and dairy free desserts, biscuits, cookies, muffins, sandwiches, gluten-free tapas and much more. Come to rediscover delicacies that you thought were forgotten in a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Our homemade gluten-free recipes for meals and bakery for celiacs we do not forget the diabetics, lactose intolerant, eggs, nuts or fructose, because we also have a differents dishes suitable for them.

In Gula Sana Gluten Free awaits you tranquility, disconnection and much gluttony. Come and enjoy!

What is gluten? I have a celiac disease or a gluten intolerance? What can I eat without gluten? In Gula Sana we are aware of the difficulties that a person faces having an intolerance or food allergy, so we guarantee that you can unconcerned with us. In our gluten free cafe in Barcelona you can enjoy without having to worry about traces or cross contamination, we only work with 100% wheat free food and products without gluten.

Nowadays there are many foods that can contain large amounts of lactose, especially in those used for pastry and bakery products or recipes. If you are intolerant, allergic or have simply decided to remove lactose from your diet, here you will find some dairy free desserts and salty meals. Enjoy without having to worry about anything in Gula Sana.



Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 361, 08009 Barcelona | Phone number: 930 24 52 35

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 9:00AM a 9:00PM